Bass Real Volcanic Rock Pumice Stone

Bass Real Volcanic Rock Pumice Stone

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Real Volcanic Rock for Hands, Feet and Body - Bass Body Care

Use your Volcano Rock to rub away dead skin or callused areas on your hands or feet.

Begin by rubbing the area gently. For a more stimulating experience, use with water, exfoliant or any effective scrub.

To Clean: Rinse the Volcano Rock under warm water to remove used product and dead skin. Clean with a manicure brush or immerse in any sanitizing solution. The Volcano Rock can be used over and over.

• 100% Natural
• 100% Sanitisable
• Real Volcanic Rock

This 100% natural volcanic rock measures approximately 70mm x 100mm. To use Bass Body Care Real Volcano Rock , wet it with warm water and start by gently scrubbing callouses and dry skin.
Start gently first and avoid sensitive areas, and rinse your rock well under warm water after use and allow to air dry.

To sterilise your Bass Body Care Real Volcano Rock try immersing in warm water with a few drops of tea tree oil.