dr.organics Vitamin E Conditioner 265ml

dr.organics Vitamin E Conditioner 265ml

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With its host of remarkable properties, Vitamin E is a highly effective ingredient in hair care products.

Vitamin E fortifies and protects hair from oxidative stress caused by the natural elements as well as vigorous hair care and styling routines. The addition of Vitamin E in hair care products can also help to prevent hair loss and scalp disorders. Vitamin E will help moisturise the scalp and prevent flaking, dryness and dandruff. Dr. Organic Vitamin E Conditioner used in combination with Dr. Organic Vitamin E Shampoo, is an incredibly effective formulation that strengthens the hair’s natural condition by penetrating and coating the hair’s external fibers and cellular keratin matrix. The bioactive tocopherol complex (a combination of antioxidant rich Vitamin E’s) rehydrates and restores the hair to a beautiful and healthy condition.

Dr. Organic Vitamin E Conditioner is a super hydrating hair therapy that offers moisturising, balancing and rehydrating effects. Additionally, it is delicately perfumed with selective and healthful essential oils that moisturise and fortify the hair. Essential oils not only add fragrance to personal care products but contribute medicinal Benefits as well. They help remedy a number of hair and scalp problems from dry, lifeless hair to dandruff and thinning hair. Essential oils added to conditioner can relieve and moisturise the scalp, stimulating the scalp and promoting hair growth while adding shine and softness to hair.  

The number one ingredient in Dr. Organic Vitamin E Conditioner is Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is well known for its moisurising and healing effects and as such is a perfect ingredient for use in hair care products. Aloe’s beneficial properties make it ideally suited for use in products intended to restore and strengthen hair. Following are four reasons why the addition of Aloe in hair care products is an excellent hair treatment choice.

1.)   Aloe Vera can be useful in dandruff treatment and prevention. Just like Aloe Vera can sooth dry skin from sun burn, it can moisturise a dry scalp, which helps to alleviate the presence of flaky skin.

2.)   Aloe Vera is therapeutic for the treatment of dry, brittle hair. As a rinse it adds moisture without the worries of oil or product build-up.

3.)   Aloe Vera helps to tame frizzy hair while leaving your hair silky smooth and glossy. This is due to the high content of amino acids in Aloe which promote strength and adds shine to the hair.

4.)   Aloe Vera can help to prevent frequent hair loss and promote hair growth. Using Aloe regularly will rejuvenate the hair follicles and help to reduce thinning.